“‘No politician has the mandate to negotiate the identity of a nation. The majority of Macedonian citizens did not vote for a government that stipulates a change of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia for the purpose of changing the constitutional name of the state. Therefore, neither the current government nor the voters, can change identity of (Macedonians), renounce the Diaspora, nor lose its history and memory,’ said the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov, during the visit of the Macedonian Orthodox Church Christmas of the Most Holy Theotokos in Detroit.

The Republic of Macedonia, Ivanov said, is a permanent benefit, but with the agreement with Greece and the upcoming referendum, this lasting benefit is now being relativized.

‘How not to realize that by relativizing the permanent, we are also relativized as a people. With this agreement they try to humiliate us, as no nation has ever been humiliated. They want to make us incompetent, believing that we do not know what their name is,’ President Ivanov said.” (translated from Nova Makedonija)