“The Language Law does not represent a threat to the Macedonian language. It represents a threat to the unity of the state, President Gjorge Ivanov.

‘This bill violates largest law of the state, and that is the Constitution. When you break the big laws, you do not receive any freedom or anarchy. Instead, you get a very small laws to justify violation of major laws,’ said Ivanov.

His decision about the law, he said, is based on the given written guarantees to protect the unity, sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence and multiethnic Macedonia. Ivanov said it must be in accordance with the Constitution and in compliance with national legislation.

‘I am the president of all citizens and I want promote the use of the languages ​​of all communities, including Albanian language,’ said Ivanov.

He urged the leaders of all parliamentary parties to first listen to the experts and make quality law that will not be challenged and that offers a comprehensive solution that truly promote the use of languages, without creating divisions. For preparation of such a law, he said, requires a real public debate and the widest possible consensus.