“‘The people rejected the Prespa agreement in yesterday’s referendum. By not voting, the people clearly stated their opinion against hasty, imposed and harmful decisions adopted without a previously reached national consensus. The silent majority has decided. The boycott is the voice of those who are underestimated and not heard,’ said President Gjorge Ivanov in yesterday’s address to the citizens of Macedonia.

‘The message of the people is sent to those who must hear it. The silent majority has decided, the reality is that the referendum failed. Do not attempt to change this reality, do not underestimate the sovereign will of the Macedonian people. A 36.9% turnout is not the will of the people, 63.1% that didn’t come out to vote is the people’s will. The reality is that the referendum failed. It is time for responsibility. You have reduced the NATO and EU support from 80% to a mere 36.9%,’ Ivanov said.” (Nezavisen)