“Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, in an interview with the Financial Times, assessed that Macedonia and Greece are coming to a solution to the name dispute, and that this issue could be closed before the NATO summit in Brussels in July, this year.

‘I’m an optimist. It’s very difficult, and we’re aware of that. But it would be good for both sides to find a solution as soon as possible,’ said Zaev.

The Macedonian Prime Minister repeated the view that it is not necessary to change the Constitution of the country, which Greece has been insisting on in the past, because, as he adds, a change would not constitute a final guarantee.

‘Now, the new request from Greece is that we need to amend our Constitution. But the Constitution is just a book with domestic rules and has no implications outside the country. In any case, the change of the Constitution would not be a final guarantee, because a future government could change the Constitution,’ Zaev said.” (Meta)