“Macedonian MPs in the coming days, after the Easter holidays, will be doing their utmost ahead of the release of the progress report for the country of the European Commission on April 17. Starting tomorrow, Macedonia has a busy agenda, both at home and abroad, to make sure it receives a report, one that is as positive as possible, with a recommendation for launching accession talks with the EU.

Parliament on Tuesday will hold four sessions to complete several items of its agenda. Also several committees will hold sessions to discuss reform-oriented laws.

The 34th session includes a law on judicial laws, MPs at the 35th session will discuss amendments to the law on public prosecution and the law on criminal proceedings, second reading. Furthermore, the 22nd session is focused on amendments to the law on witness protection.

It is expected the Parliament on Thursday or Friday to convene for a session on the package of laws on the interception of communication.” (Nezavisen)