“We must not forget that we have missed many European trains and that the road to our strategic goal has become narrower and more difficult. It is our duty to do everything we can to get on this train, because nobody knows when and if there will be another one, says Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov in an interview with MKD.mk.

The claims made by the opposition that they can achieve a better agreement over the name is that, so far, instead of attempting to resolve, through ‘antiquization’ they were busy complicating the issue further.

‘To claim that the agreement with Greece, that is, the settlement of the name dispute, has nothing to do with EU membership, and that is like calling the North Atlantic Alliance day when it is really night. You can not be for EU and NATO membership, and at the same time be against the exact agreement that removes the obstacle, unlocks the door, and tears the chains that have dragged us down for decades. You have to offer another way. A path that will be credible,’ Dimitrov says.” (Meta)

“Thirty organizations signed today a memorandum of strategic cooperation aimed at boycotting the referendum.

They formed the so-called Crisis Headquarters for the campaign, and are led by Janko Bacev of United Macedonia.

The campaign that propagates the boycott of the referendum included Christian Brotherhood, Macedonium, Amanet 1903, Third Party of Macedonians, Tvrdokorni, VMRO-DPMNE-Democratic Faction and other parties and non-governmental organizations.” (Nezavisen)