(Macedonian)Foreign Minister Dimitrov held a press conference related to all aspects of the Agreement with Greece.

Dimitrov said there are firm guarantees regarding Macedonia’s NATO accession, because the agreement cannot enter into force if Greece fails to ratify the NATO accession protocols in its parliament.

‘The agreement will not be enforced if this does not materialize,’ he repeated.

Dimitrov elaborated all aspects of the deal, because as he said, ‘I saw over the past few weeks of touring across the country that many people as misinformed.’

He said geographic qualifier North is added to the name Macedonia.

‘The nationality will be Macedonian/citizen of North Macedonia, listed in all passports. The official language will be ‘Macedonian language’. International codes remain as MK and MKD, with the exception of the register plates,’ added Dimitrov.”(Nezavisen, full press conference in Macedonian can be seen here)