“Macedonia is faced with the reality of the upcoming referendum, where those who live in the country, and also the diaspora should declare on September 30 with a “for” or “against” the question: ‘Have you been a member of the European The Union and NATO are the acceptance of the Agreement between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Greece?’ The referendum in the Parliament was voted with 69 votes in favor, while the opposition VMRO-DPMNE did not participate in the vote, which illustrated the division of the Macedonian public around the acceptance of the Small Prespa agreement, which is the most contentious part of the referendum question. The announcement of the referendum is not clarified nor many constitutional legal issues raised in the Macedonian public after the signing of the agreement in Nivica. In the fast, it seems that the many constitutional and legal provisions that are still in force seem to be overlooked. However, the duration of the deadline is 60 days, from the moment of the referendum announcement (July 30) to the day of its maintenance – September 30, for which it was decided to be consultative which, according to Prime Minister Zaev, means that if it does not the resulting result, i.e. if the legally foreseen response is not reached, the decision will be made by the institutions.” (translated from Nova Makedonija)