“It’s lashing with rain in Peckham when I meet Philip Evans at a much-hyped new Balkan restaurant. It’s a starkly different vibe to the sun-beaten soils of Macedonia, and the country’s annual pepper harvest, which has inspired our meeting.

A microcosm of London’s world-leading food scene, Peckham illustrates exactly why the Britishcapital is one of the greatest places to live in the world when it comes to food. Yet even here, in one of the most cosmopolitan districts of the most cosmopolitan of cities, Balkan food – Macedonian food in particular – is wildly under-represented.

Enter Ajvar, a Macedonian product that Evans has devoted his life to, which he believes “is the new hummus”. Now a Macedonian local, he has transported the product to the UK with the firm belief that the humble foodstuff can change the British impression of Balkan food forever.

Over in Blighty on a business trip, Evans has been meeting various supermarket giants to hammer out exclusive deals.” (Amuse)