“‘At the moment, we have adapted our legislature and completed much of the work. There are chapters which we are going to open and then immediately close. Nonetheless, everything depends on us and if we push through everything according to plan, I believe Macedonia can join the EU by 2023,’ stated Prime Minister of Macedonia Zoran Zaev in an interview for Serbian weekly NIN.” (EWB)

“Hungarian intelligence took part in facilitating the escape of a former Macedonian prime minister to Hungary, two individuals with knowledge of the matter told POLITICO.

Nikola Gruevski served as Macedonia’s prime minister until 2016 and was due to start a jail sentence earlier this month over corruption charges when he suddenly left the country and appeared in Budapest.” (Politico)

“Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán defended granting asylum to former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who fled his home country after being sentenced to a two-year prison term for corruption.

Orbán told state radio on Friday, according to Reuters, that “it would have been much more difficult, if not impossible, to defend the Hungarian border without” Gruevski.

‘I know this man, he was a colleague of mine for a long time,” Orbán said. “One treats their allies fairly. If he turns to us, he can expect due process. We can’t place him above the law, but we can give him due process.'” (Politico)

“Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Radmila Sekerinska is together with MP Frosina Remenski in Kabul, where they went to give support to the Macedonian contingent of the ARM

Facebook has posted a joint photo with Shekerinska in a militant uniform and equipment.” (translated from Faktor/Vesti)