“Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev says he is optimistic a dispute with Greece over the former Yugoslav republic’s name will be settled soon, despite continued opposition in both countries.

‘I remain optimistic, although it is not easy. It is a very delicate and important issue,’ Zaev said on June 7.

‘It is important that this solution is a sustainable and viable one and also 100 percent guaranteed for the future generations,’ he added.” (RFE/RL)

“Macedonia is increasingly a destination for the political strategists of the Kremlin, the ideologues of Russian excellence, and the Moscow Orthodox mission in the Slavic world and Eurasia.

As in Ukraine, Russian strategic infiltrators identify the existing weak points in the targeted country, and represent them in a way that promotes Moscow’s interests. In Macedonia, Kremlin strategists point out in their publications the existing ethnic and political issues that encompass the Albanian minority, as well as the issues that accompany Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Macedonia.

According to the Macedonian Voice of America service, the key strategist in the Russian information war in Macedonia is Leonid Savin, who at the end of May trained 50 members of the right-wing party ‘United Macedonia.’ It is a party opposed to changing the name of Macedonia and experiencing the country’s path towards NATO and the European Union as the end of Macedonian statehood and independence.” (translated from VoA)

“Kosovo Minister of Infrastructure Pal Lekaj has said that the final cost of motorway Pristina-Skopje could reach EUR 700 million ($825 million), which is EUR 100 million ($118 million) more than the initial projection.

In an interview with a local TV station, Lekaj said the project was initially estimated for completion by 1 January 2018.

‘The final cost for the motorway could reach EUR 700 million ($825 million), including the additional penalties that were paid due to outstanding liabilities to the contractor,’ said Lekaj.

The motorway was set to cost EUR 608 million ($717 million), but the amount increased due to the penalties paid to contractor ‘Bechtel Enka.’ The Kosovo government has decided to pay EUR 53 million ($62.5 million) in penalties as a result of outstanding liabilities by the previous government of Ramush Haradinaj.” (Nezavisen)