“The reconstruction of the Government is expected to be completed by the end of April, announced Prime Minister Zoran Zaev today in Štip.

When asked if the ministerial post of justice would remain in the hands of DUI personnel, Zaev responded that the negotiations on the issue are ongoing.

‘We have been discussing certain personnel. I have begun talks with political parties and MPs in Parliament. I believe that in accordance with the quality of the staff, the people speak for themselves. Therefore, I will not immediately come out with a new decision regarding the post of minister of justice. I want to use this vacancy for negotiations on the reconstruction of the Government and making it stronger, so in this package we will fill the vacant position for minister of justice, and of course, we will reveal other solutions,’ said Zaev.” (Meta)

“The German government has not yet responded in kind to the apology offered by Macedonia to a German citizen abused by the CIA in 2003. The wrongfully imprisoned Khalid al-Masri says he was tortured while in custody.

The German government is yet to respond to Macedonia’s apology to Khalid al-Masri, the German-Lebanese man who was wrongfully seized and then abused as part of the US Central Intelligence Agency’s rendition program 14 years ago.

Al-Masri, a German citizen living at the time in the southern town of Neu-Ulm, was arrested on the border between Serbia and Macedonia on December 31, 2003, because — as the US Senate found in 2014 — he shared a name with an al-Qaida suspect.” (Deutsche Welle)

 VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said Sunday the party would file the government no-confidence motion to the Parliament today, expecting the session to be scheduled to Wednesday.

‘We hope Wednesday will be the day when we can argue our positions, according to the Parliament’s Rules of Procedures. I expect the no-confidence motion to be successful, followed by early elections,’ Mickoski told journalists after an Easter service in Skopje-based cathedral church “St. Clement of Ohrid.” (Nezavisen)