“It is unfortunate the Russian Federation spreads disinformation and unfounded allegations about political developments in the Western Balkans. This is a region whose people have decided independently their Euro-Atlantic future, and we support their sovereign right to pursue it, even if Russia disapproves.

Just one month ago in the Permanent Council we discussed the referendum in Macedonia. We won’t repeat our entire statement. However, as you will recall, ODIHR election observers concluded that the process was conducted freely and professionally. Simply because some parties do not like the outcome does not mean there was outside interference in the vote.” (US Mission to the OSCE)

“The mystery over how Macedonia’s disgraced former prime minister Nikola Gruevski fled his homeland, days before he was due to be jailed for corruption, has deepened amid claims Hungary lied about having helped him escape.

As officials in the capital, Skopje, digested the news of Gruevski’s escape, Albanian authorities announced late on Thursday that he was aided and abetted by Hungarian diplomats.

“Gruevski exited Albanian territory on 11 November as a passenger in a car owned by the embassy of Hungary,” a police statement released in Tirana said.

Revealing the vehicle’s licence plate, it said the car was owned by Budapest’s diplomatic mission in Albania and driven over the country’s northern border into Montenegro.” (The Guardian)

“The protest in front of the Parliament against the constitutional changes and the name change began with the Macedonian anthem played by speakers, and performed by Igor Durlovski, who is charged with the invasion of the Parliament on April 27. After the anthem, the audience gave applause to the organizers of the protests ‘About Macedonia.’

‘We will not repeat it on April 27, 2017,  we will not be victims of betrayal and innocent victims who are in prison on political charges. Lawmakers need to accept our demands against constitutional changes,’ the organizers of the protest said.” (translated from Vesti/MakFax)

“Macedonia’s President Gjorge Ivanov accompanied by his wife, arrived in Amman on Saturday on an official working visit during which he will hold talks with His Majesty King Abdullah II.

The talks will focus on means to forge closer ties between Jordan and Macedonia as well as current regional developments.” (Ammon News)