“After six hours of negotiations, with fatigue, the mediator Matthew Nimetz together with the negotiators, the foreign ministers of Macedonia and Greece, Dimitrov and Kotzias, came out and said that they had long and tense negotiations, but also that it was done as a positive thing was said.

Nimetz said that now negotiators should notify their prime ministers about the agreed, before the meeting between Zaev and Tsipras on May 17 in Sofia.

‘We had a very serious meeting on which we tried to solve the name issue. I can characterize the meeting as very serious, we worked hard, many times tensely. We made some positive work. The two ministers will brief the prime ministers in preparation for their meeting in Sofia next week on May 17. Basically this is the message I have,’ said Nimetz” (translated from 24 Vesti)

The prime ministers of Greece and Macedonia have scheduled a meeting to try to end a longstanding dispute between the neighboring countries over Macedonia’s name.

United Nations mediator Matthew Nimetz announced on Saturday that Macedonia’s Zoran Zaev and Greece’s Alex Tsipras are set to meet Thursday in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia.

Nimetz said the foreign ministers of Greece and Macedonia did “hard, intensive and good work” to lay the groundwork for the Tsipras-Zaev summit.” (The Seattle Times)

“Today in Ohrid, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said he had spoken to Xhezair Shaqiri, known to the public as Commander Hoxha, who told him that he wanted to give up his position as an adviser in the prime minister’s office, reports Telma.

‘Shaqiri told me he will announce today that he will withdraw from the position due to the public’s reaction. He says that he is bothered by the reaction and will withdraw because of his love for the country,’ said Zaev.” (Meta)