“The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia on the continuation of the 64th session, with 67 votes in favor, four abstentions and 23 against, adopted the draft amendment XXXIII of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia.

The first amendment envisages in the Constitution the words ‘Republic of Macedonia’ to be replaced by the words ‘Republic of North Macedonia,’ and the word ‘Macedonia’ is replaced by the words ‘North Macedonia,’ except in Article 36, which has a historical axis and refers to ‘Special social rights of fighters from the Anti-Fascist War and from all national liberation wars of Macedonia.'” (Nezavisen)

“Hundreds of schoolchildren took part in rival protests in Greece on Thursday over the country’s name deal with Macedonia aimed at ending a three-decade dispute but which has sparked controversy.

A few hundred pupils demonstrated in Athens in response to a call by leftist groups backing the deal and opposed to a rival gathering by nationalist and far-right groups in the northern city of Thessaloniki.

Dozens of schools in northern Greece have been closed by sit-ins in opposition to the name deal with the former Yugoslav republic, a move blamed by the education ministry on neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn.” (France 24)

“The European Parliament on Thursday called on Hungarian authorities to extradite Macedonian ex-prime minister Nikola Gruevski to his home country, who has been convicted for abuse of power there and sentenced to jail-time but fled to Hungary with the covert help of Hungarian diplomats. MEPs in a resolution on Macedonia’s progress towards possible EU accession said they considered this an act of interference in the internal affairs of Macedonia.” (EU Observer)