“‘2019 will be the year when Macedonia is to open EU accession negotiations,’ Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bujar Osmani told a press conference on Sunday.

His expectations are based on the achievements in the historical 2018, the expectation for the finalization of obligations stemming from the Prespa Agreement, the implementation of the priorities set out in Plan 18 and above all the statement of the EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn on the time-frame for EU accession.

‘Although there is pessimism about whether we are ready, however, the Hahn’s statement that Macedonia can join Serbia and Montenegro on accession path to 2025 is the news of the year because 2025 is in front of the door and the ball is in our half court to deliver the results so that we can meet that deadline,’ Osmani said.” (Nezavisen)

“The amnesty law drafted by the Coordinative Body for Reconciliation was published yesterday in the Official Gazette. This means that the decree for the proclamation of this law was signed by President Gjorge Ivanov and the 5 day deadline for applying for an amnesty for those involved in the events that took place in Parliament on April 27 last year has already begun.” (Meta)

“In the center of Skopje today was a  race as part of the festive New Year’s euphoria. The race includes people of different ages dressed like Santa Claus, and the length of the race track is two kilometers. All participants are potential winners in the lottery with gifts, and every child up to 10 years old gets a New Year’s package. Santa Claus this year has asked the youngest to play more sports while they are with different Christmas wishes ahead of the new 2019 year.” (translated from 24 Vesti)