“The Macedonian parliament is set to debate on October 15 proposed constitutional amendments to change the country’s name and settle a decades-old dispute with neighboring Greece.

In June, the Macedonian and Greek governments hammered out a deal under which Athens agreed to lift its objections to the former Yugoslav republic joining both NATO and the EU in exchange for the country changing its name to the Republic of North Macedonia.” (RFE/RL)

“In a letter to Prime Minister of Macedonia, Vice President of the United States Mike Pence remarked that the citizens of Macedonia approved the agreement with Greece and reaffirmed his support to the implementation of the document, N1 reports.

‘Of those who voted in referendum, 90% approved Prespa agreement and thus reaffirmed huge commitment to the European future of the country. Be sure that you have my continuous support in this important moment for your country,’ wrote Pence in a letter published by the Government of Macedonia.” (EWB)

“Yesterday, the Government, at its 93rd session, adopted the Information on Elements of NATO Accession Negotiations, which will begin on October 18 and 19 at Alliance headquarters in Brussels. The Information on the Establishment of a Working Committee for NATO Integration, which will lead the accession talks, was also adopted.

The Ministers also adopted the Information on the preparation of Macedonia regarding consequences of Brexit, with a focus on trade and economic relations, both bilaterally and multilaterally, and at the level of the European Union. According to the Government, the Foreign Ministry will be the coordinator of all aspects related to the Brexit process, and an inter-ministerial body with representatives from several ministries will be established.” (Meta)