“The date for the holding of the referendum on the agreement reached between Skopje and Athens concerning the issue of the country’s name will be announced on Monday. This is confirmed by the office of the speaker of parliament, Talat Xhaferi. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has announced September 30th as a possible date for the referendum.

After a meeting held with Romanian PM, Viorika Dancila, PM Zoran Zaev said that he’s expecting a successful referendum.

‘I expect a successful referendum and a wise decision to be made by the majority of the citizens of this country. This will confirm our path for EU and NATO accession,’ Zaev said.” (Nezavisen)

“No concrete agreement has been reached for Kosovo to fully lift the increased tariffs after Friday’s meeting in Pristina between Macedonian Economy Minister Kresnik Bekteshi and Kosovo’s Minister of Trade and Industry Bajram Hasani.

‘Hasani and I have held a lengthy but very constructive meeting, where we were presenting arguments to elaborate our position on why it is necessary to fully revoke the tariffs. Even though the measure has been partially lifted for most produces, 21 in total, it is still in force for seven produces, including tomatoes, pepper, grapes, plums, apples, pears and raspberries. These goods are in fact one of the most traded between Macedonia and Kosovo,’ Minister Bekteshi said after the meeting.” (Nezavisen)

“Talking to European newspaper ‘Politico Europe,’ EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn says he is “very confident” that the negotiations with Macedonia and Albania could start next year.

In the interview, Hahn explains that the process of vetting the countries before negotiations has already begun.

‘This is a very comprehensive work and I hope we can conclude it in a year to 14 months. The aim is really to get a green light by all member states middle of next year,’ said Hahn recalling the EU Council’s agenda in June 2019 to return to the start of negotiations with Macedonia and Albania when member states are expected to give the green light if the conditions set are fulfilled.” (Meta)