“A court in Macedonia has convicted 33 people of being members of an ethnic Albanian militant group and planning terrorist attacks. The suspects were arrested following a deadly police raid in 2015. The raid and an ensuing gun battle near in the northern border town of Kumanovo left eight officers and 10 militants dead. Seven of the defendants were handed life sentences on Thursday, and another 13 were sentenced to 40 years in prison. Others got prison sentences from 12 to 20 years. Four men were cleared. The trial, which lasted 20 months, was held under heavy security and the defendants were brought to the court Thursday by helicopter. State prosecutors had sought life sentences for all 37 on trial.” (Washington Post)

“Another successful Macedonia2025 Summit has ended…Israel is an example of how a country can develop through innovation.Another big technological change is the growth of AI. AI is growing more sophisticated but is also moving from the labs and chess boards into regular businesses…Israel is an example of how a country can develop through innovation. Israel is only 8 million people with few natural resources but it has become one of the top nations for innovation…Macedonian IT may provide a cost advantage to the EU but it cannot compete with Asia and India as a smart hub; these markets are cheaper and have the scale to attract big companies. Macedonian companies must find where they can add value.” Full Day 2 Highlights Available here.

“The integration of the entire region into the EU and NATO will result in lasting stability and economic prosperity, said DPS President Milo Djukanovic and Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev during a meeting held today in Budva on the margins of the conference ‘Challenges on the Way to the European Union.’ ‘Montenegro and its state policy have made a positive impact on the progress of Macedonia and the countries of the region, particularly in the process of integration,’ said Zaev.” (European Western Balkans)