Prime Minister of Macedonia Zoran Zaev: With the passing of John McCain, the world lost one of the most dedicated politicians who truly believed in democracyHis political career as a war hero, congressman, senator and twice a candidate for President of America is an inspiration for current and future generations. The Republic of Macedonia has a special reason to celebrate his political work as a true supporter and friend of our country. I send sincere condolences to the American people and my heartfelt thoughts to his family, who will proudly reflect on his career in politics. (Facebook)

Foreign Minister of Macedonia and Former Ambassador to the US Nikola Dimitrov:

Macedonian Defense Minister Radmila SekerinskaThe world lost a leader, and the Republic of Macedonia lost a great friend. As an honorary citizen of Arizona, the death of Arizona Senator John McCain particularly touched me. He is a military hero, statesman, and an example for leaders around the world. I’m sending my sincere condolences to Senator McCain’s family. May he rest in peace.

United States Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily:

United Macedonian Diaspora President Metodija Koloski:

Senator John McCain has supported Macedonian accession to NATO since 2004.

Addressing Trinity College in December 2004: “For those skeptical about what a cooperative transatlantic relationship can achieve, I would point out the progress in the western Balkans. By deploying peacekeepers in 1995, we staunched the bloodshed in Bosnia. Working together, we averted further killing in Kosovo by waging NATO’s only war, and then together averted a civil war in Macedonia. A look at this region today shows just how far it has come. Albania, Croatia, and Macedonia are on track for NATO candidacy, perhaps as soon as 2006, and are on the path toward eventual EU membership. There are remaining challenges in Serbia and in resolving the final status of Kosovo, but, overall, the transformation of the western Balkans has been a significant transatlantic success.” (Office of John McCain)

Munich Security Conference, 2007: “Allow me to turn for a moment from Afghanistan to a region that can be a post-conflict success. Eleven years ago, the Balkans was in flames, characterized by ethnic cleansing and widespread violence. For the first time the region is today poised to move forward. Montenegro is independent; Croatia, Macedonia and Albania have NATO Membership Action Plans; and NATO is looking at the Balkans for its 2008 expansion. Now it is time to move toward final status for Kosovo, transition continuing responsibilities in Kosovo to increasing European control, and close the door on the region’s painful past. In so doing, we must ensure that Serbia can look toward the future as a modern, prosperous, European nation.” (Office of John McCain)

In lieu of a speech at the 2008 Munich Security Conference, Senator McCain released the following statement: “The Bucharest summit presents an opportunity to anchor democracy and stability in countries closer to home, with the addition to our alliance of Albania, Croatia, and Macedonia. Enlargement in the past has advanced our strategic interests by stabilizing NATO’s southern and eastern flanks and anchoring eastern European democracies firmly to the West. And it has put new members on a more secure and more prosperous course than most thought possible as communism began to crumble. This year’s three NATO aspirants have demonstrated through extensive reforms that they have readied themselves for accession day. And it is manifestly in our interest to bring stability to the Balkans, so long the locus of conflict on this continent. We can do this by anchoring the Balkans states firmly to the West and demonstrating that, so long as they are ready for NATO and other Euro-Atlantic institutions, we are ready for them.” (Office of Senator John McCain)

Remarks at the Atlantic Council on the 2012 NATO Summit:  “This applies first and foremost to Montenegro, which has made tremendous progress on reform. Macedonia should not have been blocked from membership in 2008, though it must maintain its momentum on reform now and in the future.” (Office of Senator John McCain)

He also urged Macedonia and Greece to come together to solve the name issue for Macedonia to join NATO:

Senator John McCain with former Macedonian Defense Minister and Ambassador to the US Zoran Jolevski: