The Minister Diaspora of the Republic of Macedonia, Edmond Ademi, met today with the Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government of the Republic of Serbia, Branko Ružić.

As they say from Ademi’s cabinet, the two ministers opened more topical issues regarding the strengthening of the rights of the Macedonian national minority in Serbia and the Serbian national minority in Macedonia, exchanging positive experiences in both countries for the purpose of advancing in the next period.

‘In particular, ministers Ademi and Ruzic agreed on the prompt initiation of the Intergovernmental Joint Commission in accordance with the agreement between Macedonia and Serbia for the protection of the Macedonian national minority and the Serbian national minority in the direction of concrete realization of the obligations undertaken by both parties in the spirit of the Agreement’ the statement issued by the Cabinet of the Minister in charge of the Diaspora said.” (translated from Makfax)