“Macedonia has extended an olive branch toward Greece by agreeing to rename its main airport and a major highway in another step toward ending a decades-old dispute over the former Yugoslav republic’s name.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said after meeting his Greek counterpart Alexis Tsipras on January 24 in the Swiss winter resort of Davos that Skopje’s Alexander the Great Airport would be renamed, while a highway leading from his country to Greece will drop a similar moniker and instead be called the Friendship Highway.

‘To demonstrate, in practice, that we are committed to finding a solution, I am announcing that we will change the name of the airport and avenues,’ Zaev told reporters after the meeting, adding that a new name for the airport has yet to be determined.

Macedonia kept its communist-era name after declaring independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. But the move angered Greece, which says it implies territorial claims to a Greek province of the same name as well as to Greece’s history.

Greece has since insisted that the country be referred to internationally as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and blocked its path to European Union and NATO membership until a solution to the dispute is found.” (RFE/RL)