“A soldier based at Fort Bragg died in an incident in Kosovo on Thursday, officials say.

Staff Sgt. Conrad A. Robinson, 36, was participating in Operation Joint Guardian at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, a news release from the U.S. Department of Defense said.

Robinson, who served as a preventive medicine specialist, died from a non-combat related incident, officials said.

At Fort Bragg, Robinson was assigned to the 155th Medical Detachment, 261st Medical Battalion, 44th Medical Brigade.” (CBS)

“A court has jailed two Kosovan doctors for harvesting kidneys and selling the organs to wealthy patients for up to €100,000 (£88,000).

Lutfi Dervishi, a urologist, and Sokol Hajdini, an anaesthetist, performed surgery on kidney donors brought to Kosovo mainly from Turkey, Russia, Moldova and Kazakhstan.

Their kidneys were harvested and sold on to patients, mainly Israelis. The donors were paid just €15,000 each.” (The Guardian)

“Kosovo chief negotiator in technical talks with Serbia, Avni Arifi, says that establishment of the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities should not be among top priorities of Kosovo saying that Kosovo is ‘wasting time’ with the Association.

Arifi in an interview with KTV said that Kosovo is wasting time by talking only for the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities (ASM). ‘The ASM is only one out of 10 other agreements which have not been implemented,’ said Arifi referring to the implementation of the agreements reached between Kosovo and Serbia during the EU-facilitated dialogue in Brussels. He also said that Kosovo needs a mechanism to push things forward. Talking on the establishment of the Association, Arifi said that a Managerial Team tasked to draft the statute of the ASM is working and he expects they will conclude this process soon. Arifi said that the establishment of the ASM is an international agreement and Kosovo will implement it. ‘But the draft statute of the ASM should be in compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo,’ he said.” (Gazeta Express)

“Although the Kosovo law on special protected zones has strictly prohibited the construction of roads through the most important cultural and historical monuments, among which is the UNESCO monument Visoki Decani Monastery, the Kosovo government has begun work in the protected area around the monastery on the Decani-Plav road. The Ministry of Infrastructure of Kosovo initially showed readiness to revert the decision on the bypass road project, this has now been directly violated by the beginning of extensive ground works on the widening of the existing unpaved village road which includes the removal of existing trees. Only 400m from the Monastery a sign was placed with the name of the road project and the logo of the Kosovo Government. One can see heavy machinery along the route and bulldozers cutting deep into the hillside changing the landscape which has been preserved for centuries – stated the The Diocese of Raska-Prizren (from the Serbian Orthodox Church) in a press release issued today. Serbian Orthodox Bishop in Kosovo Teodosije Sibalic informed the representatives of the EU, OSCE and KFOR that the Kosovo Government began illegal construction works within the special protected zone around the Monastery. The OSCE monitoring team visited the zone and reported the damage which was carried out by the work of bulldozors. The destruction of the natural surroundings in the zone is additionally problematic because the area also belongs to the National Park of Prokletije, they added. The works have begun although the Implementation Monitoring Council and the Quint countries have formed a conclusion that the construction of the transit road is illegal and damaging for Kosovo. This position was communicated, directly, many times to the Kosovo Prime Minister Ramus Haradinaj by the highest international representatives in Kosovo. The latest action of the Kosovo institutions has deeply damaged confidence in the legal credibility of local institutions and the rule of law, including the decision of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo which are obviously no consolation in the Decani Municipality – The Diocese of Raska-explained. ‘In the last 20 years (after the Kosovo armed conflict) the Decani Monastery has been under the military protection of KFOR peacekeepers because of four armed attacks since 1999 and an attempt of a terrorist actions by local Kosovo Islamists in 2016 who were arrested by the Kosovo police and released the following day for illegal possession of weapons. The poor security situation, the absence of the rule of law and order, ethnic discrimination and disregarding Kosovo’s own laws including its highest judicial decisions is damaging not only to the citizens of Decani Municipality but all Kosovo’s citizens,’ they concluded.” (KosSev)