“Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj has met today with the vice assistant US Secretary of State for the Prevention of Conflicts, Pete Marocco.

During this meeting, Haradinaj stressed that the government of Kosovo is engaged to securing sustainable peace in the country and the region.

‘Kosovo has demonstrated its commitment to preserve and fight extremism in the country and this commitment will continue’, he said.” (Balkan EU)

“After years of trying and failing, Kosovo’s soccer association finally got what it wanted two years ago when FIFA granted it full membership, welcoming it into a club of more than 200 national federations.

FIFA membership meant Kosovo, which is still battling for recognition at the United Nations 10 years after declaring independence from Serbia, could compete for a place at this summer’s World Cup in Russia. But while its team would have been welcome inside stadiums here, Kosovo’s flag apparently is not.” (NY Times)

“Today is exactly half a year since the most prominent Kosovo Serbian leader since 1999 – Oliver Ivanovic was assassinated. The public as well as the family still have not been provided with information on the current whereabouts of the two investigations – in Pristina and Belgrade.

This has been also noted by the OSCE in Kosovo.

Six months after Oliver Ivanović’s assassination, the culprits remain at large and little is publicly known regarding any possible progress in the investigation, reads their media announcement.” (KosSev)

“Supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan marched Sunday in Pristina to commemorate the anniversary of 2016’s failed coup in Turkey.

The Turkish Ambassador in Pristina, Kivilim Kilic, Kosovo MP Duda Balje and some other personalities attended the event in Turkey in 2016. The event was attended by Turkish Ambassador in Pristina, Kivilim Kilic. The march was organized by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), which operates in Kosovo.

On Saturday Turkish Embassy in Kosovo organized in southern city of Prizren at a reception commemorating the failed coup, which was attended by senior state officials and leaders of the opposition parties.” (Gazeta Express)