“Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci, who is participating at the Conference of Paris, which is taking place within the framework of the International Economic Forum of the Americas, today in front of the participants spoke about the political and economic development of Kosovo within the process of integration into the EU. President Thaci said that Kosovo as a new state is developing politically and economically to improve the standard of living of the citizens, but also rigorously implements the development policies to meet the European standards in all fields because our goal is membership in the Union European.
‘We have implemented all government policies with EU standards, which is in line with the ultimate goal of our Euro-Atlantic integration. Our political development and the institution building, public administration reform, judicial reform and the empowerment of the rule of law have been modeled closely in line with EU criteria,’ said President Thaci.” (RTK Live)

“Prime Minister (of Macedonia) Zoran Zaev will be visiting Kosovo on the 12th of December (Tuesday), informs the Government. As part of the visit, a meeting with his Kosovar colleague Ramush Haradinaj is planned after which a joint press conference will occur. During the day, the Prime Minister will have a meeting with the President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci as well as with the President of the Kosovar Parliament, Kadri Veseli. On the same day, a meeting with representatives of the Macedonian-Kosovar business community is also planned. ‘The visit to Kosovo by the government delegation led by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is a first official visit of a Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia to the Republic of Kosovo,’ informs the government.” (Meta)

“Judo World Federation President Marius Vizer has given green light to Kosovar judokas to attend Judo World Masters 2017 competition to be held next weekend in St. Petersburg, Russia, following the request of the Russian state that Kosovo should not be represented by state symbols. Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked Kosovo’s Judo Federation (KJF) for their contestants Distria Krasniqi and Nora Gjakova, to not be represented under the Kosovo flag in the tournament, but instead the flag of the International Judo Federation (IJF). This is due to the fact that Russia does not recognize Kosovo’s independence because of their strong ties with Serbia.  This request made by Russian officials was rejected by Kosovo’s Judo Federation, followed by the KJF announcing that they would boycott the competition. Express contacted the President of the IJF, Marius Vizer, who was not available to speak due to work commitments, however representatives from his office informed Express that he is working on the issue. After much speculation, Kosovo judo coach confirmed today on his Facebook account, that Kosovo will participate in the competition, and will be represented under their flag.” (Gazeta Express)