“During his stay in the States, Kosovo President Hashim Thaci has continued meetings with representatives of various US institutions and personalities.

Namely, in a Facebook post today, Thaci said he was in Dallas where he met ‘a great friend of Kosovo’s freedom and independence, former U.S. President George Bush.’

‘At this warm and friendly meeting, we discussed the political developments in Kosovo and the region. Kosovo Albanians’ high respect towards the wonderful Bush family will be eternal,’ said Thaci.

Furthermore, Thaci noted that during the meeting with the former President Bush, they evoked many memories from not the too distant past, ‘but our focus was on our country’s present efforts to secure a safe future and peace,’ he added.” (RTK)

“European Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn, is expected to visit Kosovo on 3 December when he will meet senior state officials of Kosovo.

The main focus of his visit will be the recent decision by the government of Kosovo to impose tariffs on goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The EU Office in Kosovo told Zeri that Hahn will reiterate the EU’s position in calling for a revocation of this decision and underlining the need to focus on improving good neighborly relations and regional cooperation, principles that Kosovo and all Western Balkans partners have committed to. The Commissioner will meet President Thaçi, Speaker of the Assembly Veseli, members of the government including Prime Minister Haradinaj, as well as members of the opposition. This is the first visit of senior EU officials after the Government of Kosovo has imposed 100 percent tariffs on Serbia’s goods. The EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini.” (Gazeta Express)

“‘Today, the administration of local self-government from the Pristina system ceased to exist in the North,“ the chief of Srpska Lista, Goran Rakic said five days ago. During an extraordinary press conference held today however, Rakic said that ‘Srpska Lista MPs have entered the assembly in Pristina, where they will stay until the arrival of Commissioner Hahn.’

The four mayors of Serb majority municipalities in the north and members of Srpska Lista resigned last week, including their chief – Goran Rakic. ‘After six years, I am extremely happy because I was carrying a burden of shame called – the mayor of Kosovo institutions. I’m beyond happy about that,’ the former Mayor of Zubin Potok, Stevan Vulovic said at that time. In an interview for the Politika daily newspaper, Vulovic said that he worked in agreement with Belgrade on taking down the (Kosovo) system. He furthermore claimed that he ‘shut down all Kosovo institutions’ in Zubin Potok.” (KosSev)

“On Monday, chiefs of parliamentary groups will convene to schedule a plenary session when MPs among other points of the agenda are expected to vote the package of laws on transition of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) into Army of Kosovo.” (Gazeta Express)

“Serbia has continued conducting ‘aggressive campaign’ against Kosovo and wants to destabilise the whole region, Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Enver Hoxhaj told Croatian media, stressing that he has informed Croatian senior officials about this.

Speaking for Zagreb daily newspaper Vecernji List, Hoxhaj said he talked to the leaderships of Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro during his visits to those countries and that they discussed forming a pact, which would ‘confront Serbia and its aggressive policy.’

According to him, everyone in the region should be “more cautious and work together,” as a possible territory swap in the region would make Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic merge Bosnian Serb-dominated part, Republika Srpska (RS), with Serbia.” (N1)