“Kosovo President Hashim Thaci has appointed a judge who fled from Serbia to Kosovo to avoid a prison sentence for corruption to serve on the constitutional court, the president’s office said.

Nominated by ethnic Serb lawmakers, ethnic Serb Radomir Laban was approved by a vote in parliament in May but Thaci was urged by the opposition and a justice watchdog not to appoint him before all the security checks were done.” (Reuters)

“Kosovo has accused Bosnian authorities of mixing sports with politics after its basketball team were not issued visas in time to enter Bosnia and compete in the U-16 European Championship that is currently taking place in Sarajevo.

Kosovo‘s team was scheduled to play against the Bosnia and Herzegovina side on Thursday, the first day of the tournament which runs until August 16.

However the Kosovo Basketball Federation (FBK) told local media that by late Wednesday it still had not received an answer from Bosnia’s nearest embassy in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, about the status of the team’s visa applications.” (Al-Jazeera)

“When it comes to the future of the Balkans, the discourse is slowing leaning toward proposing new divisions in the region – which is a recipe for geopolitical instability.

Discreetly, Serb and Albanian political leaders have been exploring the possibility of sorting out their differences using territorial swaps. The idea of sorting out divisions through exchanging territories has been circulating in Belgrade for years, but lately, it seems to have acquired traction in leading Albanian circles, as well.

The idea is certainly not new, but it was dangerous in the past and remains so in the present. Serbia’s strongman Slobodan Milosevic and Croatia’s leader Franjo Tudjman conspired in the early 1990s to divide up Bosnia between them. But the international reaction put a stop to those plans.” (KosSev, Washington Post)