“It has been about two weeks since the assassination of Oliver Ivanovic in the north of Mitrovica. He was the leader of the Serbian Civic Initiative ‘Liberty’ Democracy ‘Justice.’ But even after all these days, no person has been arrested. Contacted by Indeksonline, Deputy Commander of Kosovo Police in North Mitrovica, Besim Hoti has announced that no one has been arrested yet. ‘Nobody has been arrested yet,’ said Hoti. Also, Hoti added that the investigations of this case by the Police are being developed dynamically and under the guidance of certain Prosecutors. Ivanovic was killed on Tuesday, January 16, in front of his office in Northern Mitrovica, while a burning car was suspected of being used by the perpetrator of the offense at the scene.
While it should be noted that this case is being sought by all Kosovo institutions as well as Serbian ones.
Among other things, the Serbian state has made several requests to become part of the investigations of this case, which were opposed by Kosovo institutions.” (translated from Gazeta Express)

“Last week, the United States Embassy in Pristina announced on their Facebook page that they have given their first ever Immigrant Visa (IV) to a Kosovo resident. Edita Daka (23) from Peja is married to an American citizen in the United States and plans to move to New York to join her husband.  ‘At the beginning, when I sent the application for the IV,  I was very afraid that I would be rejected,’ revealed Daka to Express. ‘I was lucky because now I can travel to USA to be with my husband and my only wish was to be together.'” (translated from Gazeta Express)