“During last week Kosovo received the highest EU representatives – European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, Chief of Diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, and Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

Mogherini on her personal blog yesterday night wrote that the Western Balkans could be collectively part of the European Union.

She stresses that along with Thaci, Veselin and Haradinaj discussed about the future of Kosovo, and the fact that the wounds of the past should be shut down.

‘It is time to close the wounds of the past and take new steps to guarantee stability in the region and across Europe. We talked about this with President Thaçi, Prime Minister Haradinaj, and Speaker Veseli. But even with a group of civil society representatives in an open discussion,’ writes Mogherini. (translated from Lajmi)

“KFOR Commander Salvatore Cuoci said that ‘the eventual exchange of territory in Kosovo could encourage other situations in the region and that this would not be an issue that would concern only Prishtina and Belgrade.’

‘We are not part of this, we are not involved in this process, there may be some idea. I do not know much more than the idea or the speculations itself, but it is something that can awaken the situation, it can instigate other situations throughout the Balkans,’ Kuci told Pristina TV Klan .

He added that the exchange of territory is a big issue.

‘This is something big and it is not related only to the two countries, but of course it is not in our mandate, this decision is made at the highest levels and it is not a decision that can be made only in Pristina and Belgrade,’ said KFOR Commander.” (translated from Radio KiM)

“Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj was part of the ‘Trail of Hope’ marathon.

He said that his participation is in memory of the sacrifice of Kosovo’s road to freedom.

‘From Gllogjan to Koshare, I joined the marathoners in the ‘Trail of Hope’ in memory of the sublime sacrifice on our way to freedom. The paths of the past keep alive the hope for Kosovo we want!’ he wrote.” (translated from Lajmi)