“Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic says he will meet in Brussels next week with his Kosovar counterpart, Hashim Thaci, in an effort to ‘work out our problems.’

‘I am going to resume dialogue…to try to work out our problems, even if I don’t trust them…. We have no choice,’ Vucic told reporters in Belgrade on March 17.

Vucic said his meeting with Thaci is scheduled for March 23.

The European Union insists normalization of ties between Belgrade and Pristina, which fought a war in the 1990s, is a key condition both must meet in order to join the bloc.

On March 14, Vucic said his country was ready for a compromise over its dispute with Kosovo given its importance to the country’s future.

‘For us, the most difficult obstacle on the road to Europe is indeed the situation over Kosovo, and because of that, Serbia is…ready to talk about possible compromises,’ Vucic said.” (RFE/RL)

“Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said that the Parliament session on ratification of the Agreement on border demarcation with Montenegro will be held next Tuesday at 14:00.

Haradinaj did not confirm whether the ruling coalition had 80 votes needed to ratify the border deal with Montenegro. ‘On Tuesday at 14:00 we will hold the session on demarcation,’ Haradinaj said. ‘It was not an easy process for me and really is not an easy process, but we can not keep our citizens isolated,’ Haradinaj said. Ratification of the demarcation is one of the last criteria for Kosovo to get visa liberalization. Haradinaj said that it is important that under current deal Kosovo has preserved its territorial integrity and enables correction of the disputed borderline. ‘The Parliament session is on Tuesday at 14:00. We will see what happens,’ Haradinaj said without confirming whether the ruling coalition had enough votes to ratify it.” (Gazeta Express)

“Minister for Communities and Return and Deputy Prime Minister Dalibor Jevtic told RTS that the return of displaced persons to KiM is not only a matter of security but also of the economy. He points out that a small step is needed for the formation of a ZSO, which one does not want to take.

Dalibor Jevtic was a guest of the RTS Dnevnik  and said that up to today 6.790 people returned to Kosovo and Metohija.

‘The pogrom was an additional blow after the violent displacement of the Serbs in 1999. On that March day of 2004, some places have completely emptied and we have no opportunity to return people there,’ Jevtic explains.

He says that the situation in Kosovo is better today.

‘We have no problems that we had in those years, let’s say the problem of freedom of movement, except in Djakovica and Suva Reka where Serbs can not be without police escort. What comes back is not only a matter of security but also economy. take into account,’ said Dalibor Jevtic.

He adds that the establishment of the Community of Serb Municipalities is a matter of political courage and will.

‘It takes a small step that someone does not want to take. I attended almost all the meetings where foreign diplomats came, and the meeting with Michael gave me the confidence that something would change,’ Jevtic noted.” (translated from Radio KiM)