“Despite the lack of political support from the opposition, Kosovo President Hashim Thaci is ready to report and face parliamentary debate in the Kosovo Assembly regarding the process of talks with Serbia.

Over the next week, he has warned a political spectrum meeting in an attempt to form a new, comprehensive, team. Thaci is inviting everyone around him, yet has not given any signal that he is willing to leave his leading role in the dialogue.

Currently, he is looking to provide support from a larger number of political parties, mainly opposition ones, to lead the final stage of dialogue with Serbia being facilitated by the European Union and which is said to be concluded by one legally binding agreement for both parties.” (translated from Lajmi)

“Prizren mayor, Mytaher Haskuka, has been banned entrance into Serbia. Haskuka, Vetevendosje member, said that he was travelling to Croatia for an official visit and he was stopped by the Serbian police at the border and was ordered to turn back.

He said that the Serbian police told him he could not enter Serbia, without giving further explanations. The police asked Haskuka to return, advising that ‘this is the least what could have happened to him after entering Serbia’s territory.’ Haskuka wrote on Facebook that he travelled to Croatia through Montenegro and criticised the Government for ‘accepting Serbian fascism as norm’ towards Kosovo. ‘They discriminate us against, return us at the border without any reason whereas we allow people who committed war crimes and massacres in Kosovo to demonstrate fascist symbols’ said Haskuka referring to Serbians who commemorating the Vidovdan on Thursday in Gazimestan near Pristina were seen holding Slobodan Milosevic’s picture and banners reading ‘Kosovo is Serbia.’” (Gazeta Express)

“After authorities in Pristina banned him to visit Kosovo, Thursday, on Vidovdan day, a Serbian religious and national holiday (a ‘slava’ as is known in the Serbian language), Defence minister Aleksandar Vulin said that ‘Albanians’ were afraid of what he might say during the planned visit.

At the same time, Vulin refrained from further comments, in accordance with the “advice” he has received from president Aleksandar Vucic, as he explained.

Vidovdan is celebrated on June 28. The Serbian Orthodox Church designates it as the memorial day to Saint Prince Lazar and the Serbian holy martyrs who fell during the Battle of Kosovo against the Ottoman Empire in 1389.” (IBNA)

“Kosovo police said on Friday they had arrested three people on terrorism charges and a fourth was arrested in Germany on an international arrest warrant issued by a Kosovo court.

In a statement, the police said three arrests were made in two Kosovo towns after months of investigation involving Kosovo’s intelligence agency. Police confiscated two weapons, ammunition, a car with foreign registration and electronic equipment.” (Reuters)