“Kosovo has arrested two people suspected of planning attacks on NATO troops and the public in Kosovo, Belgium, and France, the state prosecutor says.

The prosecutor’s office said in a statement late on June 8 that the pair, a man and a woman, spoke by telephone of preparing “terrorist attacks” and “suicide attacks with explosives in a car” against NATO-led Kosovo Forces as well as in places “frequented by citizens.”

The suspects were taken into custody on June 6, prosecutors said.

The man, identified only as a 26-year-old Belgian national, was living with the woman, identified as a 25-year-old residing near the capital, Pristina. Prosecutors said the man was also preparing suicide attacks in public places in Belgium and France.

‘My client is suspected of preparing to commit terrorism acts…but I don’t agree with the prosecution, because they have not offered any evidence to detain him,’ said the man’s attorney, Arber Rexha.” (RFE/RL)

“A state funeral was held in Pristina for Fadil Vokrri, the head of Kosovo’s Football Federation (KFF) and one of the nation’s most prominent sportsmen.

Vokrri was buried on June 10 during a ceremony that was attended by Kosovar and regional state officials, representatives of Kosovo and regional sports federations, and hundreds of citizens.

He passed away on June 9 in Pristina following a heart attack.

Earlier in the day, at a ceremony in the parliament building, Kosovar Assembly speaker Kadri Vesel said the football legend was “synonymous with our joys, synonymous with the beautiful things in our country.”

Vokrri played for local Kosovar teams FC Llapi and FC Pristina, before joining Belgrade’s FC Partizan in 1986 where he went on to win one league championship.

He also played for Yugoslavia’s national team from 1984-87 and was elected the country’s best player in 1987.” (RFE/RL)

“Following the Council’s decision, and the exchange of letters between President Hashim Thaci and EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, the EULEX Mission has received a new mandate until 14 June 2020.

EULEX Mission will continue to support relevant rule of law institutions in Kosovo on their path towards increased effectiveness, sustainability, multi-ethnicity and accountability, free from political interference and in full compliance with EU best practices.

The Mission will monitor selected cases and trials in Kosovo’s criminal and civil justice institutions and will continue monitoring, mentoring and advising the Kosovo Correctional Service. It will also provide operational support to the implementation of EU-facilitated Dialogue agreements and will retain its role as second security responder. EULEX Kosovo will continue to support the relocated judicial proceedings in The Hague in line with relevant Kosovo legislation.” (BalkanEU)

KFOR Commander Salvatore Kuoji said in the Slobodno Srpski broadcast that KFOR does not participate in the investigation of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, but that he is ready to get involved if this is requested from this military mission. Kuoqi said that in the security sense of the whole region, it is very important that this murder be clarified.

‘KFOR has never been involved in the investigation into the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. Of course, if something like that is requested from us, we will participate in it and we will be open to providing all possible assistance that the Kosovo institutions need to resolve this case. For now, we know that efforts are being made by EULEX to help and provide best practice and experience in resolving this case. We think it is very important to find the perpetrators of this murder, since this is something that should be solved because of the security of the entire region, and that it also guarantees the implementation and functioning of laws in the north of Kosovo. ‘” (transalted from VoA)