Kosovo Ambassador to the United States Vlora Citaku and Head of the Mission of Kosovo in New York Teuta Sahatqija were in New York on Sunday for the inauguration of New York City Councilman Mark Gjonaj. Gjonaj, from the Bronx, is the first Albanian-American to hold office as a New York City Councilman.

“While approval of the US leadership and of President Donald Trump varies in the countries of the Balkan region, a poll by Gallup showed that support is higher in Kosovo than anywhere else in Europe. The poll published on Thursday showed that 75 per cent of people in Kosovo support the performance of the leadership of the United States. Neighbouring Albania comes second, with 72 per cent support, the report said. ‘The US garnered majority approval in just three countries or areas in Europe in 2017 — Kosovo, which leads the region and the world in approval of US leadership, Albania, which ranks second worldwide, and Poland,’ the report said. ‘It is not unusual to see Kosovars and Albanians at the top of the approval list; these two populations typically give US leadership high ratings,’ it noted.” (Eurasia Review)

“Energy experts in Kosovo say that despite the great need for alternative energy, Kosovo has no capacities to replace coal  with renewable energy sources such as wind, sun, water, etc. Renewable energy is clean and it doesn’t damage the environment, experts say. But, Kosovo continues to depend on charcoal, due to the many sources that the country has. Agron Dida, experts of this field, says that Kosovo is unable to secure sufficient capacities of energy from water and wind, due to its geographical position. According to him, the only alternative is solar energy, but each household needs to install solar panels, which cost a lot.” (BalkanEU)

“Kosovo Assembly’s Presidency will convene on Monday to discuss 18 points of the agenda for the upcoming plenary session. According to a press release of the Assembly’s press service the discussion on abrogation of the Law on Special Court, initiated by ruling coalition MPs, has been removed from the agenda. A scheduled meeting of the Presidency of the Kosovo Assembly was dismissed last week due to lack of a quorum, postponing a planned discussion on the abrogation of the Law on the Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecution Office once again. The Presidency was supposed to discuss a request made by 43 MPs of ruling parties to hold an extraordinary session and vote on the abrogation of the Special Court.” (Gazeta Express)