“After Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic who during his visit to Kosovo was banned from visiting the Drenica region, has reacted KFOR saying that is working in coordination with Institutions in Kosovo and Kosovo Police to ensure the safety of the President of Serbia.

‘Nobody is threatening Mr. Vucic and his safety is guaranteed,’ KFOR said. Concerning the protest along the road to Bajë KFOR is in close contact with Kosovo Police in order to remove the blocks and to restore the Freedom of Movement. ‘KFOR is working to do it peacefully, but it is ready to intervene in accordance with its mandate, as 3rd responder, if required,’ it is stated in the press release.” (Gazeta Express)

“US Senator Ron Johnson said in an interview with Voice of America that the solution of the problems between Kosovo and Serbia should be found on both sides.

Senator Johnson, who stayed on Sunday in Pristina, will go to Belgrade on Monday to broadcast, as he said, the support of the United States for finding a solution that ‘is not easy at all.’

‘Once we have reached any agreement, we will see it to see if there is any concern and will convey those concerns, but now we want to give Kosovo and Serbia space under the umbrella of the European Union in the talks in Brussels to find the solution. I reiterate it will not be easy, but I believe there is a sincere desire to find a solution,’ he told VOA.” (translated from Zeri i Amerikes)

“Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Maja Kocijančič, as well as head of EU Delegation to Serbia Sem Fabrizi, expressed their regret over President Aleksandar Vučić’s inability to visit Kosovo’s village of Banje in one of the four Serbian-majority municipalities.

‘EU regrets the decision to cancel President Vučić’s visit to Banje. We urge those responsible to maintain the order and secure the safe passage during the day. Full commitment to peace and security of Kosovo’s and Serbia’s people, wisdom and peace are the things we need now,’ stated EU’s Spokeswoman Maja Kocijančič, Tanjug reports.” (EWB)

“The Government of the republic of Kosovo, days ago had approved the request for the visit of Serbia’s President to Kosovo, including an exact itinerary.

But, due to the new circumstances and preserving the security of citizens and the delegation of the Serbian President, today the Government of Kosovo has made a decision to cancel his visit to the village of bathing.

As President of Kosovo, I fully understand the reaction of the Drenica citizens, who have expressed their reasonable revolt against such a visit. This shows that the wounds of pain and war are still very fresh.

However, at the time we are making effort for peace and reconciliation. Protests and roadblocks do not help us.

Therefore, I also understand the frustration of the residents of the Serb community in the village of Banja, for the cancellation of this visit.” (translated from Hashim Thaci’s Facebook)