“Kosovo’s prime minister called on Friday for an international investigation after some of his countrymen were convicted of taking part in a gun battle with Macedonian police. The men were part of a group of ethnic Albanians jailed in neighboring Macedonia on Thursday, some of them for life, on charges of plotting attacks and clashing with the police in a 2015 shootout. Crowds took to the streets of Kosovo’s capital after the sentencing, accusing the Macedonian authorities of staging the attack. Protesters in the eastern Kosovan town of Gjilan burned the Macedonian flag.” (VoiceofAmerica)

Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Behgjet Pacolli says that he has read the statement that added attention to the Russian Ambassador in Belgrade Alexander Chepurin, which according to media reports, among other things, stated that ‘… regarding Kosovo, according to all international laws and regulations, Kosovo remains part of Serbia … ‘ Through a media reaction, Pacolli said that it is really a pity that such a high diplomatic holder makes such statements, which are clearly not contribute to peace, stability and confidence-building and reconciliation in the Western Balkans.” (translated from Koha.net)

“On November 5 (2016), Astrit Dehari died in prison in Prizren, where he was detained as a suspect for an attack on Parliament. Many citizens, including Astrit Dehari’s family took part in the march. Activists of the party (Self-Determination/Vetvendosje) have attacked the Kosovo government building with stones and paint, writes lajmi.net. Otherwise, Vetvendosje gave the government an ultimatum until February 5 to implement its requirements.” (translated from lajmi.net)