“Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said Friday that Pristina is ready to respond to any provocation and anyone acting against the law, adding that he did not have indication that something might happen.

He made the comments after meeting the National Security Council, at which he warned that Kosovo authorities would react to anyone acting against the law. ‘Anyone entering Kosovo aiming to cause incidents would also be dealt with. If anything happens, we are in a state of readiness to act,’ Haradinaj said.” (Gazeta Express)

“NATO began military exercises in Kosovo. The purpose of this event is to support the defense capability of the Alliance.

‘KFOR exercises in Kosovo in accordance with resolution 1244 of the UN security Council to maintain the readiness and operational capability, and to guarantee peace, security and freedom of movement,'” (Siv Telegram)

“The minister of Diaspora of Albania, Pandeli Majko has declared that starting from 1st of January, there will no longer be a border between Kosovo and Albania.

Majko issued this declaration in Skenderaj, Kosovo, during a rally in support of Albanian migrant workers living abroad.

Majko said that the Albanian PM, Edi Rama has taken the decision in question and starting from 1stJanuary, there will no longer be a border between the two countries.” (Balkan EU)

“The President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, held today a press conference where he talked about recent developments with regards to the dialogue with Serbia. He said that he will make maximal efforts to reach a final and historic agreement between Kosovo and Serbia that would result with mutual recognition.

He added that despite misinformation and different announcements, scenarios etc. he considers that a public and institutional debate at this very important process for Kosovo is beneficial.

‘Only by debating openly, by analyzing carefully all the possible options and by finding the courage to discuss openly the issues which were considered a taboo, we will probably find a solution that would be in accordance with our interests,’ Thaci said.” (RTK)