“German Chancellor Angela Merkel has replied to Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj’s letter where he expressed Kosovo’s objective to join Interpol.

In her letter, Merkel said Germany supports Kosovo’s membership bid saying it would strengthen the integration of Kosovo into the international community and improve cooperation in the field of security. ” (RTK)

“Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci has said that any revised border with Serbia that comes out of the two neighbors’ normalization talks will not be drawn along ethnic lines.

‘We will work together to define the borders, just like we did with Macedonia and Montenegro, but there will be no borders based on ethnic lines,’ he said In an interview with AFP published on November 9.

‘Kosovo will stay multiethnic, Serbia as well, no population displaced. The region will be safer thanks to this agreement,’ Thaci said one day after a short, tense meeting with his Serbian counterpart, Aleksandar Vucic, in Brussels that was hosted by EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini.” (RFE/RL)

“Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov assessed on Friday that EU’s efforts to mediate between Belgrade and Pristina have failed.

According to Lavrov, the United States is also “forcing the issue of establishing a (Kosovo) army.”

“It is obvious that EU’s efforts have failed, because Pristina refused to implement all the agreements that have been reached so far,” Lavrov said.

The Russian minister specified that this, above all, refers to the establishment of the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO) in Kosovo, Sputnik is reporting.

‘Pristina’s efforts to form its own army represent the crudest violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1244. In addition, Pristina is being pressured from the outside, and above all by the United States,’ Lavrov said.” (B92)

“Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj and Deputy PM Enver Hoxhaj have mentioned the possibility of Kosovo withdrawing from the EU-brokered dialogue with Serbia if the EU Council of Ministers doesn’t include in its December agenda the visa liberalization for Kosovo.

Epoka e Re reports that Haradinaj and Hoxhaj said it is not fair to apply pressure on Kosovo for dialogue with Serbia and at the same time to deny freedom of movement for its citizens in the Schengen zone. ” (RTK)