“Kosovo’s deputy prime minister has been acquitted of charges that resulted from two slayings during the 1998-99 Kosovo War.

Fatmir Limaj was accused in 2016 of failing to prevent the killings of two Albanians in 1998, when he was a commander in the Kosovo Liberation Army. He also was accused of failing to find those responsible or refer the case to proper authorities.

A court in Gjakova cleared Limaj on Friday, saying prosecutors failed to prove the alleged war crimes.

The 47-year-old politician, leader of the Initiative for Kosovo party, has been acquitted on similar charges in the past.

Some 10,000 people died and 1,700 went missing during the war as separatists in Kosovo fought to break away from Serbia.” (The Washington Post)

“Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj has said that the hearing on the ratification of the demarcation agreement with Montenegro should be held next week.

”Srpska (Lista) are refusing to speak on this topic for the time being, but are discussing the opportunity to support this process. I respect the List, are people elected by the people, have their authority and are citizens of Kosovo,’ Haradinaj told RTK2.

‘I will discuss with them to help us in the free movement of our citizens. I am ready to find a common language with Srpska Lista and I believe this is in the interest of Kosovo Serbs because they do not have a visa-free passport and can not travel abroad.’

However, according to him, freedom of movement can not be done with the loss of territory or concessions. Haradinaj is convinced that a sufficient number of members of the Srpska Lista will vote for the demarcation.” (translated from Lajmi)

“Three Fort Dodge Senior High (Iowa) students and one St. Edmond Catholic School (Iowa) student are heading to Kosovo this summer.

There they will learn about European traditions and interact with other teenagers in a camp setting.

Students Tyreike Mericle, 17, a senior at FDSH; Olivia Mitchell, 17, a senior at FDSH; Cayden Brinton, 16, a junior at FDSH; and Nathan Montgomery, 17, a junior at St. Edmond Catholic School, will travel overseas in August.

Maddie Brehm, 17, a junior at FDSH, is serving as the alternate.

Four students from Johnston will be joining the Fort Dodge students on the trip.

The students will start their journey at Camp TOKA, which is similar to a Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts camp.

A third of the students there will be from Kosovo. The rest of the camp population will be made up of students from other European countries such as Romania, Italy, Finland and Macedonia.” (Fort Dodge Messenger)