“A Kosovo court has sentenced nine Albanians, eight to jail, for planning a foiled attack against the Israeli soccer team during a 2016 qualifying World Cup match in neighboring Albania.

Pristina court Judge Hamdi Ibrahimi on Friday sentenced the leader of the group, Visar Ibishi, to 10 years in jail. Seven others got between a year-and-a-half in prison to 6 years. One was slapped with a 2,500-euro ($2,950) fine.

‘There is no place for extremism on this land,” the judge said. “Such defendants’ acts have aimed to create both in Kosovo and Albania a climate of uncertainty, let the extremist elements get in and destabilize the country with terror acts.'” (Daily Mail)

“Two Serb members of the Kosovo Security Forces – who were detained on Thursday after crossing the IBM at Brnjak – were released on Friday the Pristina based media confirmed citing the Kosovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This is a new case, after another Serb KSF officer M.Š. had been reportedly arrested at the end of April.

The Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic revealed in early May that the Serbian Information Agency had called on Serb KSF members for an informative interrogation but denied their arrest, however.

He disagreed to a Kosovo army.

‘And if somebody thinks that he will introduce the Army of Kosovo through a small door, Serbia will not agree,’ said Stefanovic on RTV’s show ‘The Right Angle”.’” (KosSev)

“Kosovo is open to foreign direct investments and its market is ready to welcome these investments, said the Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj today at the conference ‘Sofia Talks 2018,’ organised by the Vienna Economic Forum in Sofia.

‘Kosovo is a small country with only two million people and we are mong rare countries which have spent money form their budget for the major infrastructure projects. Now it is time to have new investments in many fields, especially in mining and telecom. We are open to all investors and this forum is a good opportunity to share these possibilities,’ Haradinaj said in his addressing at the panel composed of the prime ministers of the Western Balkans and Bulgaria.” (Gazeta Express)