“The Specialist Prosecutor’s Office set up to prosecute alleged war crimes committed by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) during 1998-2000 is expected to proceed with its first indictments next year, according to a document which the TV channel T7 got hold of.

A report of the Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office, the then acting Specialist Prosecutor, Kwai Hong Ip, implies that the first indictments are expected to be filed after six months. “Next year is very important for the Prosecutor’s Office because our so far investigation will proceed further,” it is stated in the report dubbed as the ‘First Report.’ Currently the Prosecutor’s Office is verifying the data of the Special Investigative Task Force (SITF) who have collected 70 thousand documents with over 700 thousand pages. The Specialist Prosecutor’s Office in its report says that they are carefully reviewing all the materials collected by the SITF since 2012. It is also stated a large number of people have been involved in collecting these information. In the report it is clarified that filing of the indictments is the exclusive right of the Specialist Prosecutor. In May the US prosecutor, Jack Smith, has been appointed Specialist Prosecutor after a selection process organised by the European Union. He succeeded David Schwendiman the first Specialist Prosecutor who stepped down at the end of March when his term as a US Foreign Service Officer expired. International media reported that his resignation might delay filing of the first indictments noting that the special war crimes court on Kosovo is ready to file the first indictments. ” (Gazeta Express)