“Kosovo Assembly Speaker, Kadri Veseli, announced initiation of drafting of a special law on protection of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) war and its values.

Veseli said that the new law will represent institutional protection of the Kosovo war, as well as establishment of a war museum. ‘When Kosovo is preparing to mark 19th anniversary of the end of the war in Kosovo, today I initiated drafting of the Law on Protection of the KLA War Values. This law aims at institutional protection of our war, to decide on a central monument of the war, as well as to start the work on establishment of the liberation war museum,’ Veseli wrote in his Facebook profile. Veseli, who was senior member of the KLA during 1998-99 war with Serbia, also said that with the new law Kosovo will get a special date on commemorating the sacrifice of people for the freedom.” (Gazeta Express)