“A meeting of representatives of Serb-majority municipalities in Kosovo and Metohija was held at ‘Mitrovica Palace’. Three conclusions were adopted.

1. If Pristina is not ready to start working on the establishment of the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO) in the next three weeks, the Serbian municipalities and institutions will start the formation of the Community, its bodies and institutions. We are ready to work on the creation of the statute of the ZSO in cooperation with Belgrade and Pristina as foreseen in the agreement.

At the beginning of the work on the creation of the ZSO in this regard, we consider only a clear and publicly demonstrated willingness to do so declaratively and without taking into account the decisions of the Constitutional Court, which annulled the principle of establishment of the Community of Serbian Municipalities. Such an attempt to do so would mean for us the same thing, even in the case of informing, and in this case we would also begin its formation in the manner provided by the agreement.

2. We request that the perpetrators and perpetrators of terror against citizens, representatives of the Serbian people and representatives of the media on March 26 this year in Mitrovicë / Mitrovica are most promptly prosecuted and punished, and the Minister and the Director of the Police resign over the unlawful attack by the Kosovo Special Police.

3. We invite international representatives of the present in these regions, above all KFOR and EULEX, to enhance their alertness and preventively act in the event of an attack on the Serbian people and its representatives in the coming period, as this is an obligation arising from their mandate. For any disturbance of peace and endangering the property and lives of our people, we will consider them as responsible.
President of the Serb List and North Mitrovica Mayor Goran Rakic ​​asked Serbs not to join the Kosovo Army. ‘Do not let yourself be their janitors,’ said Rakic.” (translated from Radio KiM)