“Liberia has withdrawn its recognition of the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo – is the headline from Belgrade. At a press conference, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Liberia, Gbehzohngar Milton Findley, handed over, to the head of Serbian diplomacy, Ivica Dačić, a note on the withdrawal of recognition, reported B92. ‘This is our contribution to continuing the dialogue in Brussels,’ Dacic said. Pristina, however, denies it.

The note states that Liberia recognised Kosovo’s independence with an acknowledgement that Belgrade „was not prepared to negotiate a solution with its Southern Province of Kosovo“, B92 reports further while citing the content of the document:

‘Today dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina is taking place under the umbrella of the EU. With this, it is only appropriate for Liberia to take a stance, which allows for a sustainable solution for the citizens of Serbia and the Province of Kosovo, as is being done through the current negotiations. In line with all the above mentioned, The Republic of Liberia annuls its letter of recognition of Kosovo. This decision remains in effect until the discussion and negotiations are completed under the European Union.’…

‘I just talked to the Government of Liberia which confirmed to me that Liberia did not annul its recognition of Kosovo. The news and footage spread by the Serbian media are an attempt at fake news by Serbian Minister, Ivica Dacic. We shall counter against such actions,“ said Kosovo’s diplomacy chief Beghjet Pacolli.

Liberia recognised Kosovo in 2008 which makes 116 recognitions as per the Kosovo Foreign Ministry data. The number will increase, read the latest message of Pacolli.

The number, however, differs from the Serbian Office on the number recognitions that Kosovo has received, up to 109 are registered, or 108 – with Guinea Brunei claiming to have annulled its recognition also.” (KosSev)