“The Kosovo Police have arrested on Monday a Kosovo Serb man suspected of committing war crimes against Albanian civilians in the village Pjeterq of Klina in March 1999.

A Kosovo Serb man has been arrested on Monday after he was identified by his former Albanian neighbors of committing war crimes. Albanians gathered today in the village of Pjeterq of Klina opposing an organized visit of Serbs at the village’s church of the Holy Trinity. Albanians are accusing their former neighbors of committing crimes during the war in Kosovo in 1998-99. The Kosovo Police have confirmed the arrest. ‘One of the protesters has identified a person L.B. (Kosovo Serb man), as a suspect of participating in a massacre against Albanians in the Village of Pjeterq on 29 March 1999, and the same person has been sent to custody for further verification,’ it is stated in a press release issued by the Kosovo Police.” (Gazeta Express)