“‘A peaceful agreement based on the correction of the border between Kosovo and Serbia, if achieved, will be fully in compliance with international law. Such an agreement, ensures formal recognition of Kosovo by Serbia, ensures the unification of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja with Kosovo and opens up a definite membership path towards the EU, NATO and UN membership, thus strengthening the stability and finally closing the last source of conflict in the Balkans’

Thaci writes:

I am pretty sure that in Kosovar politics, the citizens of Kosovo have no doubt at all that we, as institutional leaders of Kosovo, must work together aiming to, in a shortest possible time frame, conclude talks with Serbia and sign the agreement on the normalisation of relations between the two states.

We have fought against the violent occupation by Serbia and have won our freedom in June of 1999. This history is known to all of us, because it brought all Albanians together, it brought Kosovo together with the West, to the fore, mostly with the USA, North Atlantic Alliance and the EU.

We, together with our allies, managed to make Kosovo a state in February of 2008 and since then we have been recognised by 116 states all around the world.” (Full text at KosSev)