“(Kosovo) Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj expressed skepticism that he could come up with a demarcation solution at next week’s meeting with Montenegrin counterpart Dusko Markovic.

According to the prime minister, the ball is in the court of the Parliament, while saying it is not aware of the ‘creative’ solutions mentioned by its subordinates, writes “Koha Ditore” today.

‘The demarcation is in Parliament, there is not much room left of negotiation between the two prime ministers,’ Haradinaj said on Monday after the government meeting.

Asked about Markovic’s visit, Prime Minister Haradinaj said it was done in order to deepen relations between the two countries. He mentioned the possibility of a joint meeting between the two governments, the same as with Albania and Macedonia.

But one day earlier Deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Limaj stated that it is not enough to say that the Government has sent the agreement to the Assembly.

‘It is not enough for the government to just say that it has been sent to the Assembly. The government is still likely to work together with Montenegro to find a common solution. I have analyzed the agreement. There is room for our two governments to take responsibility for seeing the concessions in the deal. Let it be our common pledge. It needs creative solutions,’ Limaj said.” (translated from Koha Dritore)