“The leader of the (Opposition Party) Vetevendosje Movement, Albin Kurti, met today with US Ambassador to Kosovo, Greg Delawie.

In a statement, Kurti has announced that they have discussed the functioning of Kosovo in accordance with the principles of parliamentary democracy.

‘Today I was delighted to meet with Ambassador Greg Delawie at the United States Embassy in Pristina. Together with Ambassador Delawie, we discussed the functioning of the institutions in the Republic of Kosovo in accordance with the rule of law and the principles of democracy in the parliamentary republic. We also discussed issues related to Kosovo’s economic development, education and employment as well as the situation regarding the dialogue with Serbia. Ambassador Delawie explained the attitudes and work of Lëvizja VETËVENDOSJE! for all these issues. We agree to continue these contacts and meetings in the future as well.’ (Lajmi)