Kosovo will adopt laws next week to open the way to turning its lightly armed security force into an army, its parliament speaker said, drawing condemnation from its neighbor Serbia.

Kosovo’s constitution, drawn up in 2008 when it declared independence from Serbia, doesn’t allow for an army, and peacekeepers led by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization have been stationed there since a bombing campaign drove out Serb troops in 1999. While ethnic-Serb lawmakers have blocked attempts to change the charter and allow a military, the ethnic-Albanian dominated government is now trying to push through changes with ordinary laws.” (Bloomberg)

Parliament Speaker Kadri Veseli will to the United States on Wednesday.

In this official visit, Veseli is expected to have meetings with senior US officials as well as visit the state of Iowa, where Kosovo has good relations.

In this several days stand in the United States, Veseli will visit the Pentagon as well as the FBI, while one of the key themes will be the establishment of the Kosovo Army more precisely giving the military mission of the KSF.” (translated from Lajmi)