“Serbia has banned a Kosovo team from taking part in a karate competition it is hosting, over a political dispute stemming from the former province’s declaration of independence.

The government’s office for Kosovo said Wednesday that the Kosovo delegation was stopped at the border because they carried state symbols that Belgrade does not recognize.

The statement said that Kosovo can take part at the European senior championships later this week in the northern city of Novi Sad only if they do not display state signs.

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said Kosovo staged a ‘political provocation’ by sending its team to the border with state symbols.

The ban triggered an angry response from Kosovo.

Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj described it as an ‘unacceptable, unprecedented and terrible act … that does not contribute to the normalization of the relations between the two countries.'” (ABC News)

“Democratic League of Kosovo deputy Vjosa Osmani said that with the cancellation of the invitation for her and colleagues from the Kosovo Assembly to go to the neighboring state of Serbia showed that it is not a show of good faith leading the European path.

She expressed to Klan Kosova her surprise at the failure of the European Union to stop her participation in the meeting ‘Through the idea of ​​peace and development,’ but thanked colleagues from some countries in the region that in the spirit of solidarity have canceled the participation of them.

‘Kosovo’s friendly states are constantly expressing their indignation over this move by Serbia. No other thing was expected because, because of the threats of war criminal Vojislav Seselj, Serbia had made similar decisions in relation to Croatia.’

‘We, as deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo, have been interested in this conference that the country has its voice and that we protect the interests of the state in the Parliament of Serbia. There is a month that this institution has been informed that I and Ilir Deda will participate. We have also been encouraged by the US and Germany to be there and talk on behalf of Kosovo.'” (translated from Lajmi)