“The new EU Enlargement Strategy for the Western Balkans set to be approved on Tuesday offers no clear perspective for Kosovo. The European Commission has been more focused to offer clarity for Serbia’s and Montenegro’s membership by 2025. According to the draft-strategy that Gazeta Express got hold of, Kosovo is mentioned only in the context of the dialogue with Serbia. Belgrade was asked to normalise relations with Kosovo by the end of 2019 at latest, in order to enable Serbia’s membership into the EU, Gazeta Express reports.

Kosovo is to wait indefinitely to enjoy the status of the ‘potential candidate to join the EU.’ Because of disunity within the EU (Five EU members did not recognise the Republic of Kosovo), and due to lack of progress in many fields, strained relations of Kosovo institutions with the EU, made the EU not to focus on Kosovo in its new strategy which was drafted by the European Commission. Even the formulation ‘European perspective’ deriving form the Thessaloniki Summit of 2003, has been diminished further in this document of 2018. Kosovo is mentioned only in the context of relations with Serbia, with the EU desperately trying to make Serbia member of the block, Gazeta Express reports.

Kosovo authorities have stated recently that they are making preparations to apply for the candidate status by the end of 2018. But last week Spain, one of the five EU non-recognisers, announced a blockade to this initiative, stating that Kosovo can join the EU only as part of Serbia!” (Gazeta Express)